October 09, 2010

The office health check

Health and safety is vital in an office. How does your office rate? Use this tool to find out…

  1. Let's start with your work area. Is there sufficient space to work comfortably?
    5 - Yes, I have plenty of room.

    0 - No, my work area is tiny and cramped.

    2 - It's OK but could be improved.

    2 - Don't know.
    1. An office shouldn’t be cooler than 16C, how would you rate the temperature and ventilation in the office?
    5 - Just right.

    0 - Too hot and stuffy.

    2 - Changeable and unpredictable.

    0 - Cold and draughty.
    1. How would you rate the lighting in the office?
    5 - Just right.

    0 - Overly bright.

    0 - Too dark.

    0 - Don't know.
    1. Which of the following can you control? You can pick one or more.</question>
    2 - Heating.

    2 - Lighting.

    2 - Ventilation.

    2 - Chair height.

    0 - None of these.
    1. Has your workstation had a health, safety and ergonomic test?
    5 - Yes.

    0 - No.

    0 - Don't know.
    1. How often are working areas cleaned and waste removed?
    5 - Daily

    2 - Weekly

    0 - Monthly

    0 - Never
    1. Does your canteen offer a range of healthy food?
    5 - Yes, there's a good choice and signs to show which foods are the most healthy.

    2 - The range is good but there's no info on which foods are healthy.

    0 - The food on offer is never very healthy and the choice is limited.

    0 - There isn't a canteen.
    1. Is there is a supply of easily accessible drinking water or water coolers?
    5 - Yes.

    0 - No.

    0 - Don't know.
    1. Are the toilets clean and in good working order?
    5 - Very clean and checked regularly.

    2 - Moderately clean but could be checked more often.

    0 - Not very clean and rarely checked.

    0 - Really dirty and never checked or cleaned.
    1. Does your workplace have a gym?
    5 - Yes.

    5 - No, but we have access to subsidised gym membership.

    0 - No, nothing like that.

    0 - Don't know.

    1. Does your workplace have a ‘rest’ or seating area for use during breaks?
    5 - Yes, we have a seated area and a private room if we need to lie down.

    5 - Yes, we use the canteen for breaks.

    0 – No, there is no separate area for us to use during our breaks.

    1. Which of the following does your employer offer? Pick one or more.
    2 - Arranges health-related events.

    2 - Arranges individual health checks.

    2 - Promotes mental wellbeing at work.

    2 - Provides access to counselling.

    0 - None of these.

    1. If there’s an accident at work are there adequate first aid facilities?
    5 - Yes, there’s a first aid kit and trained first aid person.

    2 - There's a first aid kit but not sure about a trained first aider.

    0 - I'm not sure if we have a first aid kit.

    0 - There is definitely no first aid kit or first aider.

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    40 or more
    From your answers, it appears that you work in a healthy environment. A safe and comfortable working environment, healthy food options and promoting physical activity all help improve employee satisfaction and boost productivity. If you want to find out more about workplace health and the organisations t hat can help to improve conditions for employees go to

    It sounds like your workplace could be improved. Your answers suggest there are areas which can be improved. Both employers and employees should be aware of issues that affect their health and safety at work. Workers who contribute to health and safety at work are safer and healthier than those who don't. You'll find lots to help improve your working environment, including dealing with stress, keeping active and workplace health resources at

    Less than 25
    Your workplace scored poorly! Your responses imply you’re not satisfied with your working environment. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says both employees and employers have a legal responsibility to look after health and safety at work together. There are several ways you can try to improve your working environment. You'll find information on health and safety, tips on beating stress and ideas for being active at work at

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