June 21, 2010

World Cup survival guide

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Simple tips to make TV sports Tournaments happy, healthy times
The World Cup’s kicks off, but the beautiful game can prove a nightmare for family life – particularly if some members of your household are indifferent to the silky skills of Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo.
It’s important not to let your family split off from each other during the month-long tournament – perhaps with your partner disappearing to the local pub, the kids squabbling over the remote control and you left feeling increasingly isolated.

“Not everyone is a football fan and the World Cup could potentially divide families – possibly causing feelings of resentment,” says Wendy Evans, an area manager with Parentline Plus. “If one parent pursues their own interests while the other is left holding the fort, it can leave those at home feeling pressured to cope with the demands of the family.”
The charity runs a free phone helpline, available to anyone facing a parenting dilemma. Wendy expects calls to increase once World Cup fever hits.
“I can see us getting lots of calls from parents who feel stressed or abandoned,” she says.
So how can you stop things reaching this stage?
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